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Warranty Submission

All warranty repairs must be performed by a pre-approved authorized Trailstar repair facility. 


Customers are encouraged to contact Trailstar’s Warranty Claims Department at (330) 821-9900 for assistance in locating a pre-approved Dealership or repair facility before any major repairs are to be performed. 

Steps for Filing a Warranty Claim:

All Trailstar Dealerships and Repair Facilities Must contact The Warranty Claims Department (330) 821-9900 to receive an RGA# before any warranty work can be performed on a Trailstar Trailer. 


After the initial phone contact and an RGA# is received the following information must be provided to Trailstar in writing prior to initiating any warranty performed on any Trailstar Trailer. 

    • Distributor or repair facility name, address, phone number, and contact person 
    • Complete 17-digit VIN 
    • Vehicle vocation 
    • Vehicle owner name 
    • In-service date 
    • Failure date and approximate mileage at time of failure 
    • Description of customer complaint, failure 
    • Detailed description of problem found, cause of failure and correction (repair) 
    • Itemized parts list including Manufacture model # or Trailstar P# of Component 
    • Number of labor hours and hourly warranty labor rate requested 
    • Repair order # 
    • Payee name, contact name and mailing address 

Trailstar will look over the Information provided and determine if the claim will be covered under the Parameters of Trailstar’s Five Year Limited Warranty Schedule. Please note that Component parts carriers have their own individual component warranty schedules set forth by the individual component manufactures, and that their warranty policies must be met to be consisted a warrantable item. 


Disposition of Warranty Parts

  • Upon claim approval Trailstar will give an appropriate course of action that is to be followed to make sure that the trailer continues to carry its full warranty coverage.
  • Dealers and Repair Facilities will be notified if parts or units need to be returned for review. Parts or units are not to be returned until requested. 
  • Parts must be properly identified with provided Trailstar RGA#. 
  • Return shipping address will be provided when parts are requested. In order for warranty claim to be processed, failed parts must be returned PREPAID FREIGHT within (15) days of initial claim filing or claim will be denied. Some parts Components must be secured by Credit Card until defective parts are returned to Trailstar. 

Dealer Acknowledgement

  • All approved claims will be paid 30 days after required information and components are received by Trailstar’s Warranty Department.